HipChat and Zendesk

With the introduction of targets v2 beta the HipChat integration can be updated. Please sign up for the beta before continuing with this article. Once the »

Change the size of your drop down fields in Zendesk Help Center

Zendesk has a fixed width for dropdown fields of 300px and will wrap the text in the option if it excedes it. You can't use CSS »

Good talk on managing customer support

Ali talks about slack managing customer issues in a growing organization. They use Zendesk :) The first thing that I'd like to point out is that support »

Adding Brightcove videos to Zendesk HelpCenter articles.

Zendesk’s HelpCenter does allow for script tags in a article body so the standard code for Brightcove doesn’t work. Information on running HTTPS on »

Back up Zendesk forums to your local hard drive

Back up Zendesk forums to your local hard drive   There are many reason to want a back up of your forums, such as revision control. This »

Show submit a request based on user tags

The CSS .tab_new { display: none; } The javascript var listOfAllowedTags = ['test', 'test1', 'test3']; var list = _.intersect(listOfAllowedTags, currentUser.tags); var isAllowed = (list.length > 0) ? true »

getting the body from tinymce edit iframe

If you ever need to get the body from a TinyMCE edit page just call this: var zz = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0].contentWindow.document.body If »

Creating a ticket in Zendesk with AngularJS


conditional fields in zendesk (Classic) -- deprecated

Many Zendesk customers have requested a way for custom drop-down lists to be able to show and hide elements based on certain conditions. Although not currently »

Rackspace Cloudfile widget for Zendesk

This will let your agents view files on your rack space cloud »