HipChat and Zendesk

With the introduction of targets v2 beta the HipChat integration can be updated. Please sign up for the beta before continuing with this article. Once the account has been added to the beta you will be able to use the following set up.

By using targets you can send a message to a Hipchat room letting you know if a ticket has been created or even updated.

The first thing needed is to generate is a token for the hipchat room that the target will be pushing notifications into. Log in as a Hipchat admin click on Rooms -> the room you wish to send notification -> tokens. Fill out the Label for the token -> click create.

Once the token is generated, the Zendesk target can be created. Log into Zendesk as a admin, goto the Admin panel -> extensions -> targets -> add new Target. Select URL target, give it a title like HipChat. In the url section build the url. One thing you will need for the URL is the room API ID which you can get from the room summary page in HipChat. The format of the url will look like

https://api.hipchat.com/v2/room/{room API ID}/notification?auth_token={room token}  

For example:


For the Method select POST and for the Content Type select JSON.

Once the target is configured please test it. Clicking Submit will present a modal where you can place JSON.

{"color": "purple", 
   "message_format": "text", 
   "message": "(buddha) A new ticket was created {{ticket.link}} " 

Once submit is click the JSON body will be sent to HipChat and the response modal will appear

HipChat uses a response code "204 No Content" as successful push to the room

After getting a successful test create the target. Now create the trigger, pick any of the conditions in the trigger configuration to fire the target. The following example uses the ticket is created with a high priority. Build the JSON object out using the Send room notification api