Setting default values in Zendesk Help Center ticket forms

Setting a default ticket fields value in Zendesk Help Center with a bit of Javascript. Place this code on the new request page. Replace the varible listOfDefaults object with the ticket field ID and the tag value you want set. The code will find the correct title and use that in the display.

//this function will walk all the way down the JSON object into all the arrays and create flat JSON object. 
function flattenObject(ob) {  
    var toReturn = {};
    for (var i in ob) {
        if (!ob.hasOwnProperty(i)) continue;
        if ((typeof ob[i]) == 'object' && ob[i] !== null) {
            var flatObject = flattenObject(ob[i]);
            for (var x in flatObject) {
                if (!flatObject.hasOwnProperty(x)) continue;
                toReturn[i + '.' + x] = flatObject[x];
        } else {
            toReturn[i] = ob[i];
    return toReturn;
// this function goes through the listOfDefaults object and searches for each default value in the listed ticket field
function setDefaultVaule(field, setDefault){  
   $('.request_custom_fields_' + field).one('DOMNodeInserted', function(d){
     var TestObj = $(d.currentTarget).children('input').data('tagger');
     var test = flattenObject(TestObj);
     var myRe = /value$/g;
     for (var key in test) {
      var isValue = myRe.test(key);
      if (isValue && test[key] === setDefault) {
      } else {
         var label = test[key];
//build a JSON object with the ticket field ID as the key to the default tag value you want to set
var listOfDefaults = { '22103126' : 'tree__nest_in__bird_type', '21631456': 'dog'};  
 for(var key in listOfDefaults){
   setDefaultVaule(key, listOfDefaults[key]);

You can download the code from github Pull Requests are welcome